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Pre-Conditions for Accreditation as a Study Centre

The primary aim and objectives of the Institute are to advance the study, training, and practice of transport management and administration in Nigeria regardless of specialization within the industry; and to set standards of practice and determine the knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the Institute and practice as a Chartered Transportants.

To achieve these broad objectives, the Institute recognizes and identifies a professional education Centre that has responsibilities and required resources for the preparation of Student Members and other professional education personnel for advanced programs in transport management studies.

However, a Centre shall be granted full accreditation as an accredited training/study center upon satisfying the following terms and conditions here understated;


That professional Inspection of your center facilities will be conducted by Institute’s delegates to determine the human resources, academic standards, accommodation/health facilities, equipment and materials, and other general observations, etc., in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Education (Further Education Division – Private Vocational/ Technical unit)

Such inspection service, being on a continuous assessment basis, will however be carried out at mutually agreed intervals with entertainment, travel/logistics, and sundry expenses of the inspection team being borne by your good – selves.


The Board of Directors, Instructors/lecturers, and students) must register as members of the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria and abide by its professional ethics, rules, and regulations as well as pay their annual subscriptions and other levies when due.


The educational training provider must meet the following standards and/or qualifications in line with the primary focus area and core mandate of the Institute.

  • The Centre co-coordinator must be a graduate of a recognized University, Polytechnic, or other similar institutions of higher learning in Nigeria or overseas with at least three years of relevant management / professional training experience;
  • The training center must be prepare student members for CIOTA’s Professional Qualifying Examinations based on the approved unit standards, syllabus, qualifications, and examination regulations;
  • The curriculum (design, content, and learning materials) must be aligned to the Institute (CIOTA) approved professional standards and regulations;
  • The Centre must have suitably qualified staff members (facilitators and registered assessors).
  • The Centre must have Functional training facilities e.g. Training Room(s), Audio-visual Equipment, computers, etc., and the students must have access to adequate learning support services.
  • Only student(s) with qualifications acceptable in any Nigerian tertiary institution will be considered as having met the Institute’s minimum entry requirements.
  • The Centre’s Internal Examinations Certificate if any; shall be granted partial exemption on the Institute qualifying examinations only on Foundation and Professional Level 1 on a subject-by-subject basis respectively.


That at the end of December of each year, your college shall be required to submit to the Institute the total number of your student enrolments in the period under review, the total number of registered members into CIOTA, and the number outstanding with an attached footnote explaining the reasons for the delay in their membership registration with the Institute.

That a given quantity of our Membership / Examination Forms and Syllabus for sale to student members shall be supplied to the Centre and the proceeds shall be remitted to the Institute’s bank accounts.


The center shall after satisfactorily professional inspection, be required to pay an accreditation fee of Eighty Thousand Naira Only – (N80,000.000). 

Note, an accredited Study Centre is subject to re –accreditation every Three (3) years but the charges are subject to change from time to time as may be determined by the Council.


The Institute shall not hesitate to withdraw its accreditation and blacklist an accredited center where in its opinion;

  1. The academic standard, staff, and other teaching aids fall below the standards of the Institute’s professional examination and training standards.
  2. The center does not offer CIOTA courses and as well prepare students for its external qualifying examinations.
  3. There is gross professional misconduct and violation of the code of ethics and regulations of the Institute.


If the above conditions are acceptable to you, kindly forward as follows;

  1. A letter of your intention to be accredited as a Study Centre (Training Provider) to the Chairman, Education and Training Committee.
  2. CVs of directors of the firm and of facilitators and their accreditation certificates, if any.
  3. Company profile; and CAC Certificate of Incorporation which indicates capacity building, training, research, and consulting.

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