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The Institute’s professional examination is designed to provide a standard of education from which candidates can both build and develop a worthwhile practical career in transport management and administration AT ALL LEVELS. Below are the four stages of professional qualifying examinations which are held in June and December each year.
Every applicant for registration as student will be required to submit acceptable evidence that he/she has obtained an approved educational qualification.  The following educational qualifications will be accepted for this purpose.
  1. Five (5) Credit passes in GCE/SSCE O’Level or its equivalents in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, Geography e.t.c
  1. Mature Candidates with 4 Credit Passes in GCE/SSCE O’Level or its equivalents
  1. CIoTA Foundation / Intermediate Certificates of a recognized body
  2. Accredited Diploma in Economics, Geography, Accountancy, Marketing, Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Freight forwarding e.t.c.
  1. CIoTA Professional Diploma, Prof. Part 1 Certificates of a recognized body or allied Institution
  2. Adv. Diploma, HND, B.Sc, PGD/MBA and other relevant qualifications of equivalent status in Economics, Marketing, Accountancy, Business Administration, Engineering, Law e.t.c., with at least 2 years working experience.
  1. CIoTA Professional Advanced Diploma or the final Examination Certificate of a recognized allied bodies in Transport
  2. HND, B.Sc, PGD / M.Sc/MBA from a recognized Institution and other relevant qualifications of equivalent status in Transport Studies, Geography, Urban & Regional Planning, Logistics & Supply Chain, Transport Engineering, International Trade e.t.c, with at least 2 years working experience.
Please note that Curriculum Vitae to show professional work experience must be attached.
Successful completion of the Final Level Professional Postgraduate Diploma Examination, with research project qualifies you for a Corporate Membership grade “Full Corporate Member” (MInstTA) of the Institute; and gives you eligibility to be registered as a Chartered Transportant and to apply for range of postgraduate programmes at various Universities in Nigeria and Overseas.

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