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From the CIoTA President’s Desk

Happy New Year

Distinguished CIOTAN,

The much-awaited new year is here.

Let me start with this quote by Jonathan Lockwood Huie which says “Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

As a member of CIOTA, we have been blessed with an organisation that is resilient and resourceful. With a long history to our name, our past leaders and administrations have served exceptionally well and it is the delight of this current administration to keep the flag flying.

Fellow CIOTAN, in the actualisation of the promises made by this administration, the year 2023 will be marked by various developmental projects that will represent the future of our organisation.

Since this administration got sworn in, we have achieved the following:

  1. Creation of a Governing Council;
  2. Provision of a One Billion Naira budget for the year inclusive of revenue, OPEX, CAPEX and Surplus;
  3. Drawing the 2023 calendar with highly loaded intellectual activities
  4. Creation of the Elders Forum; and
  5. Council for the Registration of Transportants.

Despite these considerable achievements, it is no exaggeration to say that CIOTA faces internal challenges within our relatively short history. We are confident that despite these unique challenges, we will surmount them and make our mark within the sector.

The transportation sector is still plagued with recurring challenges. At the last national CIOTA summit, each mode reiterated some of the challenges faced. The same was equally highlighted at the National Council on Transportation Summit.

What this tells us is that every member has a responsibility to contribute their quota, in their field of expertise, to address these concerns and create solutions one step at a time.

I am, however, optimistic that this year, CIOTA is poised to be more relevant than it has always been. I see us delivering meaningful results that will shape the development of the transportation sector through infrastructure, personnel development and job creation.

Let us utilise CIOTA to keep bringing together all public transport stakeholders via all sustainable transport modes to create sustainable solutions for the sector.

To this end, I count on your support to enable us to achieve our three cardinal objectives which include:

  1. Ten-year strategic development plan for CIOTA;
  2. The recognition and acceptance of CIOTA certification, inclusive of an increased membership drive;
  3. The promotion of global best practices in the transportation sector.

In conclusion, let us remember that for public transport to work, it requires strong support and I will be honoured to jointly work with you to achieve it. The year ahead will bring its challenges and we must be ready to face them together.


Happy new year.

Prince Segun Obayendo FInsTA

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