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Circular 0003 – Notice of New Fee Regime

1. Pursuant to part 1, paragraph 4, subsection 1 of CIOTA establishment Act and as approved by the National Executive Committee (EXCO) after their meeting of 4th February, 2021. Notice is hereby given that there is a new fee regime for Associates, Full Members, Fellows and membership upgrades effective from February, 2022.

2. The new fee regime as shown below applies only to Associates, Full Members and Fellows elected under the direct membership scheme and members who wish to upgrade from one grade of membership to another and possess adequate knowledge, experience and qualifications in the science of intermodal transportation and other related disciplines. It is in line with the current status of the Institute and inclusive of mandatory training, induction and certification.

3. A ‘Combined Points System’ has been developed for applicants wishing to join the Institute at direct membership grade level. The criteria include Academic / Professional Qualifications, Managerial Experience and Mandatory Induction Assessment Course. Any applicant who meets the above criteria would be considered and exempted from the qualifying examinations. Applicants should also note that professional / managerial experience under the ‘Combined Points System’ includes teaching and research.

4.  Exemptions: Applicants who have made significant contributions in the transport / logistics industry would be exempted pursuant to Part VI, Section 18 of the establishing Act, and admitted as Honourary Members upon the approval of the President or the Committee on Education and Membership.

Thank you.

Rasheed AiyelabeganFInstTA, FNIM, MCIA

Registrar/Secretary to the Council

Date:   10/02/2022

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